Motherboard Hipath 3750 Motherboard Hipath 3750
€1.488,00 €1.339,20
Hipath 3550 v9 Hipath 3550 v9
€1.178,00 €1.060,20
Κάρτα TLA4 - Card TLA4 Κάρτα TLA4 - Card TLA4
€1.240,00 €992,00
Gigaset DA610 BLACK Gigaset DA610 BLACK
Hipath 3300 Hipath 3300
€1.103,60 €993,24
OpenStage 20T OpenStage 20T
Ακουστικο optiPoint 500 arctic/mangan Ακουστικο optiPoint 500 arctic/mangan
€37,20 €29,76
Τροφοδοτικο Hipath 3350 Τροφοδοτικο Hipath 3350

Automated Attendant EAR 4000

Automated Attendant EAR 4000

Automated Attendant EAR 4000

€483,60 €386,88

Ideal for organizations that need an efficient automated attendant tool combined with a limited voice mail solution. Organizations can choose between the Ear 5000 with its inherent 8 mailboxes and the 2 mailboxes of the Ear 4000. Both products are expandable from 2 to 4 ports.  Key Features

Answers 2 or 4 calls simultaneously
Mailboxes (Ear 5000) or 2 mailboxes (Ear 4000)
3 hours (Ear 5000) or 1 hour (Ear 4000) of recording time
39 script menus
Supports up to 3 languages simultaneously
Ability to dial an extension directly through script, sub-script, or directory listings

Technical specifications

No. of ports: 2 or 4
Storage capacity: 3 - 1 hrs
Number of mailbox: 8 - 2

Automated Attendants
No. of simultaneous languages: 3
Scheduled automated attendant
Extension size: 2-4 Fixed
Dial a string
Call transfer (Supervised, semi-supervised, non supervised)
No. of scripts & duration per script: 39/9min.
Directory listing (dial by name)
Fax detection and routing: 1
Greeting by port
No. of operators: 1

System administration
Statistic report
Programming: GUI or DMTF
Administrator password protection
In-band DTMF integration & out-band serial port RS-232
Disconnect detection: current loop, busy tone, disconnect tone, disconnect DTMF signal

Voice Mail
Notification from port: Port #2
No. of messages per mailbox: 47
No. of Customized greeting & language per mailbox: 1
Message retrieve, forward, save, copy, delete, skip
Date & time stamp
Personal password protection
Message delivery: work extension, mobile, home
Message notification, Pager, Led, interrupted dial tone

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