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Καρτα 8 SLA - Card 8SLA Καρτα 8 SLA - Card 8SLA

Gigaset SX445 ISDN S30853-S383-B101-13

Gigaset SX445 ISDN S30853-S383-B101-13

Gigaset SX445 ISDN S30853-S383-B101-13


Gigaset S445 - Technical Data

Key Features
Display 5-line graphical color display 101x80 pixels 4096 colors
Illuminated display yes
Downloadable screensavers
Operations controlled via menu
Navigation key Yes
Illuminated keypad yes
Call display with LED yes
Field strength indicator yes
Power level yes
Display date and time yes
Display charges and call duration yes
Special Features
Speakerphone Yes
Caller announcement yes
Baby alarm yes, internal and external number
Up to 10 polyphonic ringtones, downloadable via PC
Appointment reminder yes, 5 appointments
Paging / Find handset yes
Open listening at the base Yes
Multilingual menu 19 languages
Repeater support yes
Voice dialing up to 30 entries
Redial last 10 numbers
Phonebook up to 200 names and numbers, VIP entries
Block dialing yes, with correction facility
Automatic Redial Yes
Network provider code yes, automatic
Caller list / caller list with time stamp yes
SMS functionality
Shipping up to 640 characters (provider dependent)
Personalized SMS Inbox up to 3 (provider dependent)
Sending e-mails yes
Text-Input-Method yes
Download polyphonic melodies 5 (FMS-format)
Features Answering Machine
Answering machine controlling via handset, base station and with voice commands
Voice commands yes
Recording time up to 25 min
Remote access yes (PIN-protected)
Predefined announcements yes
Announcements 1 individual and 1 Standard
Unlimited protection against power failure
Timed change between announcement / recording Yes
PIN protected mailboxes a mailbox, remote control via PIN protection
Timestamp yes
Button for direct access to voicemail yes
Analog interfaces
DTMF dialing yes
CLIP yes
Features with more handsets
Walkie-Talkie mode with second handset yes
3 simultaneous calls 1 external / 2 internal
Transfer of external calls to another handset yes
Phonebook transfer between handsets yes
Technical specifications
DECT / GAP yes
Handset extension up to 6 handsets
Multibase up to 4 bases
Weight of the handset incl. Battery 120 g
Base weight 252 g
Standby time up to 150 hours.
Talk time up to 10 hours.
Battery system NiMH type AAA
Range indoor up to 50 m
Outdoor range up to 300 m
Dimensions Handset (L x W x D) in mm 141 x 51 x 28
Base dimensions (L x W x D) in mm 153 x 135 x 83
Available colors Silver
Available accessories cordless handsets, re


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